Intervention consult is a consultancy company specialised in socio-economic and cultural aspects of development. It was established by a group of social anthropologists, with wide working experience within development assistance, with the intention of strengthening professional back-up and enhancing the quality of services, both of which is more difficult when working as individual consultants.

The ambition of intervention consult is to provide consultancy services characterised by cultural sensitivity, genuine partnership, and equal relationships between donors, consultants and local partners. Intervention consult thus regards its mission as performing the role of an intermediary between the partners in development.

Our guiding principles are poverty orientation, unbiased mediation, and appropriate forms of communication. We emphasise quality control and language skills.

Intervention Consult has a broad network of professionals and institutions in Europe, as well as in a number of developing countries.

Services offered
Intervention Consult can offer the service of single consultants, team leaders, or organise multi-disciplinary teams.